Would I get a workout riding an E-Bike?

You may find yourself wondering if E-Bikes are worth trying since the name would suggest that effort input is no longer needed. Would you get a workout riding an E-Bike? Are they closer to a motorcycle or an actual bicycle? Why would anyone want to own an E-Bike if they already have a regular bike?

These are all great questions; in the following paragraphs we’ll dive face first into how E-Bikes work and how it affects the end user experience.

E-Bike Workout: The Mental Game

So, would you actually get a work out while riding an Electric powered bike? The answer is YES, ABSOLUTLEY! Of course, it completely depends on the amount of effort you’re willing to put in. But, in reality, isn’t this the same concept for any work out? You get out what you put in. Here’s the difference we’ve found: When riding a stationary bike for example, you can change the level of difficulty same as an E-Bike. However, you traditionally find yourself making up excuses why you should get off and stop staring at that boring screen. Now, take that same situation and insert an actual reward. In this scenario you’re going a pretty decent speed, you’re outdoors, and the scenery would suggest that you’re accomplishing something. It’s much easier to repeatedly exercise when you not only feel rewarded but are actually having fun.

Just how popular are E-Bikes? Just look at these sales numbers produced by NDP a market research company on industry specific trends. In 2017 E-Bikes were the fasting growing category in the bicycle market, making up 77.1 million of the 5.9 billion dollar industry in the US.

E-Bike Workout: How it works

Let’s move on to how you’d get a work out and move slightly away from the psychological standpoint. Class 1 E-Bikes are built to increase your pedal power input not generate it for you. So, it’s a simple mathematical equation; your input, exponentially increased by 100-350% (give or take depending on the bike) equals how fast you go. This means that you’re ALWAYS pedaling if you want to be propelling forward instead of just coasting. You also have the POWER (pun intended) to choose the amount of assist you want. This makes riding E-Bikes a ton of fun. You have the option to choose a lower helping setting to start, and as you lose energy or stamina, you can increase the power output ratio. This way you can make it home a little easier, still have fun, and want to do it again as soon as possible.

E-Bike Workout: The Stats

The best way to find out if you’d get a workout would be to look at some stats! We found a study done by PMC, a full text literature journal found at the US National Library of Medicine, to be fairly insightful. We would warn you not to dive too deep into this long study. Instead, just scroll to Table #7. Here you’ll find information detailing out the average heart rates of 33 participants between the ages of 19 to 28. The findings were that on the same exact route the average heart rate on a regular bike was 138.69 and on an E-Bike was 132.48. This shows that you will burn a similar amount of calories while on an E-Bike. However, your ride time will be decreased. This study shows a decrease of about 27% of you’re overall ride time when riding the same route.

E-Bike Workout: At 9,000 ft

Still wondering if you’d get a workout riding an E-Bike? We’re going to consider one more variable since we do live in the wonderful high country here in Colorado. At 9,000 ft plus oxygen can be an amenity. If you’re from sea-level or maybe your family is, then having a way to get outdoors more efficiently can be a challenge. E-Bikes are a great way to bridge this gap. We’ve seen plenty of people take a ride around Lake Dillon on an E-Bike and come back with some matted, sweaty hair, yet simultaneously having a big smile on their face. Not only were these people NOT avid bikers OR from 9,000 ft, but they still had a blast and felt good about what they accomplished. Isn’t that the secret to life? Experience new things, get outdoors, and share something with others. Why not do it on an E-Bike?

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