Summit County’s Rules & Regulations About Class 2 E-Bikes

There are several shops in Summit County renting class 2 E-Bikes. Despite the fact that many of the companies suggest otherwise, this class of E-Bike IS NOT ALLOWED on ANY of Summit County’s recreational pathways. Furthermore, there are several shops renting electric mountain bikes in the area. ALL single-track in the county is completely OFF LMITS to any and all E-Bikes. This means that any claims suggesting these rental bikes can be taken off dirt roads and onto narrower trails are false. You may get a ticket if these rules are enforced by local jurisdiction. Make sure to review which shops may be renting these bikes down below!

Shops Renting Class 2 E-Bikes


Craniologie in Breckenridge rents the Class 2 Blix Sol Eclipse. Like all Class 2 E-Bikes, this bike incorporates a throttle on demand. This means you can operate it using only the throttle and without pedaling. Summit County does not allow this bike on any of its recreational pathways and you could be ticketed by local authorities for doing so.

Shops Renting Electric Mountain Bikes

Blue Valley Ski and Board Rentals

Blue Valley Ski and Board Rentals in Silverthorne rents the Rossignol E-Track 27+. This is a hardtail, electric-assist mountain bike meaning it is prohibited for use on any and all singletrack in the county. Failure to obey this regulation can endanger other trail system users and could result in a fine from local authorities.

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