Where to Ride E-Bikes

E-bikes are allowed on roads and Summit County Recreational Pathway System. Be sure to follow the rules that apply to the class of the E-Bikes and where they are allowed. Only class 1 E-Bikes are allowed on Summit Counties Recreational Pathway System. This includes pedestrian and bike pathways. They are not allowed on any mountain bike trails. However, you can ride an E-Bike on any dirt road where vehicles are permitted.


Summit counties recreational path system is amazing. Our summit county government has built and maintained 38 miles of path with an additional 17 miles maintained by Frisco, Breck, Dillon, & Silverthorne. The path ranges in elevation from 8,777 ft to 10,563 ft. For more information on the Summit County Recreation Path system click here to check out our government page.

Lake Dillon loop (around the lake) – 18.7 mi, with a 500 ft climb on the south side Swan Mtn Pass. Otherwise, it has small ups and downs with beautiful views.

Vail Pass – 13.7 mi one direction, climbs up to 10,563 with about 1,500 ft of elevation change. Great ride.

Frisco to Breck – About 9 mi, slightly uphill to Breck.

Blue River – Silverthorne path below the damn is about a 4 mi ride along the river.

Snake River – Keystone path about 4 mi that links into the lake loop.