Where to Rent E-Bikes

When considering renting an E-bike there are two options. Brick and Mortar store rentals that are reliable or ride share rentals that are quick and easy. Below, we’ll examine when to use each type.

Brick and Mortar- Stores with fronts on them offer fully charged and well maintained E-Bikes. If you’re going on a prolonged ride whether it’s around the lake, up and down Vail Pass, or simply around the county for more than 2 hours, then this is the better rental option. Since these bikes are maintained by a shop after each ride you can be sure they will last for several hours and be in good working condition.

Ride Share- These rentals are a great way to move about Breckenridge or Frisco main street. These bikes will typically be sitting around the town near popular stores, you’ll need to pay first to unlock and use them. If checking out all the boutiques one town has to offer is your goal, then these quick and easy rentals are a great option. However, if you take them on a longer ride, you risk running out of battery or possibly having a mechanical issue. Also note that these bikes typically have lower power output and won’t climb as easily as other bike models.

Which stores rent them:

1. Pioneer Sports in Frisco provides the best selection with Giant bikes who partners with Yamaha for their engines. They carry the Giant Lafree E+ 1, Giant Roam E+, and the Liv Rove E+ as rentals. The Lafree E+ is an upright style bike built to give the rider superior comfort and control. The ALUXX aluminum frameset and a SyncDrive Sport motor that’s powered by Yamaha give the rider a smooth acceleration with seamless increased pedaling power.


  • 4hr = $55
  • 8hr = $85
  • 3+ days = $75 per day

Bike Specs:

  • Giant SyncDrive Sport, 20mph, 60Nm torque, powered by Yamaha
  • Giant PedalPlus 4-sensor technology
  • 400 Wh Lithium-Ion EnergyPak
  • ALUXX SL-grade aluminum frame with easy mid-step
  • Shimano internal 8 gear shifting hub with hydraulic disc brakes

2. Craniologie in Breckenridge rents the Class 2 Blix Sol Eclipse. This bike boasts one of the lowest step-through frames available for a cruiser ebike, a built in bell, and a throttle. These cruiser style bikes are built for comfort and assist up to 20mph. Caution– these bikes are class 2 meaning they would normally not be allowed on the Summit County Recpath system. However, Craniologie does disengage every throttle on their e-bikes to meet the class 1 certification, presumably making them legal for use on Recpaths.


  • Half Day = $59
  • Full Day = $79
  • 24 Hours = $99

Bike Specs:

  • 750 watt motor power output
  • 615 Wh, 48 Volt Lithium-Ion battery
  • Low step-through frame
  • Shimano 1×7 speed with mechanical disc brakes

3. Rebel Sports in Frisco rents the Fuji E-Crosstown and the Scott Sub Active 30. The Crosstown is a comfort style bike like the rest but with the 250 watt motor in the rear hub. This Class 1 E-Bike also has hydraulic disc brakes like the above Giant models which is good when you’re getting up to 20mph.


  • 2hr = $63
  • 4hr = $83
  • 8am-7pm = $153

Bike Specs:

  • 250 watt motor up to 20mph assist
  • 468 Wh battery
  • A2-SL butted alloy frameset
  • Shimano 1×8 speed with hydraulic brakes
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Would I get a workout riding an E-Bike?

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Where to Buy E-Bikes

If you haven’t noticed already, our opinion is that Giant E-Bikes are currently the best value. It’s no surprise considering that they are the worlds largest bike manufacture. This ultimately means that they have the capability to produce most parts on their own instead of outsourcing from other companies. It also allows them to have better R&D and back their products up with better warranties.

As for where to buy them?

We go back to one of Summit Counties original ski and bike shops – Pioneer Sports. Currently, they seem to be the only player in town offering several models and multiple brands, including Giant. Last we checked they had 6 different models of E-Bikes and 2 different brands.

Below, we’ve built a comparison chart so that you can see some different bikes side by side.

E-Bike Comparison Chart
Brand/Model Price Battery  Power Rear Der.
Giant-Rove E+ $2,750 400 Wh 50Nm Alivio
Giant-Roam E+ STA $2,750 400 Wh 50Nm Alivio
Giant-Lafree E+ 1 $2,400 400 Wh 60Nm Nexus internal hub
Giant-Lafree E+ 2 $2,000 400 Wh 60Nm Altus
Turbo Como 3.0 $3,250 500 Wh Nm-n/a Deore Shadow
Turbo Como 2.0 $2,875 460 Wh Nm-n/a Alivio Shadow
Turbo Vado 1.0 $2,500 400 Wh Nm-n/a Acera
Trek- Super Commuter + $3,899 500 Wh 63Nm Deore Shadow
Trek-Dual Sport + $3,599 500 Wh 50Nm Deore Shadow
Trek-Verve $2,399 400 Wh 40Nm Alivio
Interceptor Platinum $4,195 480 Wh 45Nm SLX Shadow
Interceptor Cruiser $3,295 480 Wh 45Nm Acera/Tourney
Beach & City Cruiser $1,895 360 Wh 35Nm Acera/Tourney